Who is eligible to Join?

Membership in federal credit unions is not open to the general public. Instead, it is limited to persons sharing a common bond of occupation, community or association. Examples are employees of corporations, members of associations and residents of a defined area. Those who are eligible to join Vons Credit Union include:

  • All Vons and Unified employees, their family members, and households
  • All Albertsons and Haagen employees, their family members, and households
  • Employees of companies who do business with Unified Grocers.
  • Anyone who lives, works, attends school or worships in the areas of El Monte, South El Monte, Monrovia, Irwindale, Temple City, Arcadia and parts of the City of Industry
  • Companies located in the areas listed above that would like to offer Vons Credit Union membership as an additional employee benefit

Membership is a benefit that can be shared. Once you become a member of Vons Credit Union, your family and household are eligible to join as well, regardless of where they live, work or worship.

Best of all, once you become a member of Vons Credit Union, you’re always a member! Even if you move out of the area, change jobs or no longer work for Vons, you retain all the benefits of Credit Union membership.

Why should you join Vons Credit Union?

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