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Your card number will not change if you pick up your card from one of our branch locations. (If the card number doesn’t change, you don’t have to inform merchant you have previously set up for auto-pay.) Please note that you will need to return your “old” card when you pick up your new Photo Card. Pick up at El Monte Branch
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I agree to the fee of $10 per card which will be charged to the associated Credit Card or Checking Account for each Photo Card ordered.  When my card expires, a new Photo Card will be automatically issued and the associated card account will be charged $10. I understand for all other replacement card reasons (lost, stolen, damaged), I must resubmit a new photo card request via this online order form.  I understand that all replacement Photo Cards are subject to a $10 fee.
I understand that the $10 fee is non-refundable.  I may cancel my automatic Photo Card reissue at any time by calling the VCU Call Center at 626.444.1972, Ext. 401 or by sending an email to
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